Case Study: Air Canada Employee Apparel E-commerce Websites

On the heels of the successful launches of English/French e-commerce websites using Web Lite’s translation solution for several Canadian Fortune 500 companies, uniform provider Unisync repeated the successful formula to create multilingual e-commerce websites for Air Canada and its regional airlines.

Case Study: Home Hardware Franchisee Apparel E-commerce Website

On the heels of its successful launch of the French internal e-commerce website using Web Lite’s translation platform for Purolator, Canada’s top integrated freight and parcel solution provider, uniform provider Unisync employed the same strategy to provide a multilingual e-commerce solution for Home Hardware, one of Canada’s top home improvement and furniture retail stores.

Case Study: Purolator Employee Apparel E-commerce Website

Using Web Lite’s translation solution, Unisync Group, a vertically integrated provider of uniforms serving 30,000+ ship-to locations in North America and numerous locations worldwide, was able to rapidly implement a uniform ordering e-commerce website for the employees of Purolator, Canada’s top integrated freight and parcel solution provider.