At this year’s Vancouver Boat Show, held from February 6 – 10 at BC Place and Granville Island, 250 exhibitors again offered an amazing display of a wide range of vessels, from inflatable boats to sturdy fishing boats to luxury yachts, and of course the latest in neat accessories and innovative gadgets.

In an interview with a local Chinese newspaper, Vancouver Boat Show organizer Bob Pappajohn of M&P Mercury said that more and more local Chinese are showing an interest in luxury yachts. This year, an astonishing 40% of buyers at the Show were local Chinese.

Many Chinese have the buying power, but not a whole lot of technical knowledge as to how to operate a yacht or what kind of maintenance is required. For the first time this year a Mandarin interpreter was on site to help potential purchasers figuring out all they needed to know when buying their first luxury yacht.

In order to serve this rapidly growing market segment better, Pappajohn said it is important to provide a one-stop-shop service to provide potential Chinese customers with all the necessary information and help them overcome any initial hesitance, so that they will turn into well-informed and confident buyers.