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A Fraction of the Cost,

A Fraction of the Time


Make your website, SaaS and apps multilingual at a fraction of the cost, with little change to your existing software, and get it up and running in weeks, not months.

Leverage existing infrastructure

Expand your sales reach of your e-commerce website
  • Expand global sales
  • Multiple languages on internal websites to support regional work force
  • Protect your existing investment
  • No costly re-design
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Technology Platform

Innovative website translation platform + professional translators
  • Automated content extraction
  • Translation memory
  • Integrated workflow
  • Secure, complete control
  • Distributed content delivery
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Our Advantage

There are several additional cost components to a multiple language website:
  • Infrastructure cost
  • Translation cost
  • Synchronization cost
  • Initial setup vs ongoing maintenance costs
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Flexible Service Options

Select from a full range of service options based on your budget & resources.
  • You / We set up
  • You / We translate
  • You / We manage
  • You / We Host
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Open Source Software

Our contribution to the open source community
  • Greatly reduced supplier risk
  • Broad user and support community
  • You have complete control
  • Independence from closed, proprietary software
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Our Solution Right For You?

The right approach for your website will depend on:
  • amount of content
  • type of content (static vs dynamic)
  • update frequency
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About us

Check out our team, our open source software and affiliated companies.

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Lastest News

Toronto eyes first Yuan currency trading hub in North America

Hot on the heels of a deal inked just last month between the Bank of England and the People’s Bank of China which calls for the setup of a three-year swap line with a maximum value of about US $ 33 billion between their currencies, Canada’s banks and other players in the financial industry are considering setting up a currency trading hub for China’s Yuan in Toronto. By making an early move, the country is hoping such a first mover advantage would overcome its size disadvantage in the global race for a share of trading in the currency of the world’s second largest economy.

British Columbia leads country in attracting millionaire immigrants

67 % of high net worth British Columbians were either born outside Canada or have at least one parent born outside the country, compares with 48 % nationally.

40 % of buyers at Vancouver Boat Show are local Chinese

40 % of buyers were local Chinese at this year’s Vancouver Boat Show. Many Chinese have the buying power, but not a whole lot of technical knowledge as to how to operate a yacht or what kind of maintenance is required, and having that information available to them in the language they understand is key to closing more sales.



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